Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Boy From Work left yesterday morning. This immediately made Abbey a happier kitten. Although she loved the BFW the first day I brought her home--in fact, she loved him much more than she loved me--she is now not a fan. When the BFW first walked through the door of my apartment last week and tried to shower a little love on Abbey, she recoiled and hissed. Then she swatted his hand away with her paw. This happened every time he came near her. If he managed to pick her up and cuddle her against his chest, Abbey would emit the lowest, saddest, ugliest noise from deep in her chest. It was a noise that said, If I were a human, I'd cut you, bitch.

All that anger wore Abbey out, and yesterday, when I came back from the airport and immediately sat down to write, Abbey collapsed across the top of my monitor and fell asleep, and she would stay asleep until I left the room to watch Dancing with the Stars later that night. She was so out of it, so deep in sleep, that she snored the cutest, squeakiest snore I'd ever heard. And I managed to capture it:


Kristin said...

So I have to comment again (for two reasons - 1) love the kitty and 2) hate work):

Now I KNOW our cats would be friends Jess. Kenzie does not like my husband and hisses at him all the time. Those kitties are protective of us:)

Jess said...

Wow! Really?! She hasn't gotten over it, even after all this time?

Kristin said...

Well now it is a mutual hatred and they hiss at each other. But yeah it hasn't gone away. I'm pretty sure they'll never get along.

It's actually kind of funny because they both get jealous of the other when that one is too close to me. Kyle gets mad if the cat is on the bed with me and chases him out of the bedroom - Kenzie gets pissed if I'm not paying attention to him but rather paying attention to Kyle.

It's like being a mom already and having kids:)

Chatty Cathy said...

I love your cat. I.LOVE.YOUR.CAT. Stuff like that just kills me! I've been reading your posts about her and she is so adorable.