Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Love Is My Drug

A conversation with Diana, 10:30 PM:

Me: My friends Rachel and Dan had their baby.

Diana: What did they name it?

Me: Samuel Gray. His middle name is Gray for David Gray. Rachel and Dan went to a concert of his on their fist date, and when Dan proposed to Rachel, he learned their song on the piano and played and sang it for her.

Diana: And are you going to have babies with your boy?

Me: Ew! I don't know! Don't talk about it!

Diana: Because I'm wondering what your baby's middle name would be. Would it be Samuel Led Zeppelin? It would be, wouldn't it? Samuel Led Zeppelin?

Me: No, knowing my boy, it would probably be Samuel Ke$ha or Samuel Lady Gaga.


Diana said...

Samuel Mister Deeds.

Jess said...

I refuse to refer to him on the blog as Mr. Deedsssssss.

♫Celestrialterrestrial♫ said...

you're not sure?!? babies?? What the bleep happened to miss-I'm-not-sure-I-wanted-to-have-kids....good lord, we need to talk missy!!

Diana said...

You can always call him Longfellow.

Jason said...

Or his middle name could be Lorriemoore. Couldn't get his ass kicked more often than some others I could think of.

Jess said...

I'm still not sure I want to have kids, Sassy Pants. I've been unsure for years. I'm still unsure. But I'm not definitively closing any doors for the future...

Also: I refuse to call him Longfellow, Diana. No Mr. Deeds and no Longfellow. Ew.