Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bed Sores

The Lady-Killer and I have spent all day in bed. He got home early this morning--he'd gone up to the U. for a party last night--and we got in bed and decided to stay there. We got up only for practical things, like when I couldn't take it anymore, I was starving, I needed some food, I needed some eggs, Jesus God, after a night of drinking Drambuie and scotch, a girl needs a fried egg with cheese and hot sauce.

So I got up and fixed myself an egg. Then I thought better of it and plopped another one in the pan. TLK, after all, likes a fried egg--at the end of the semester, we went through a stage where we ate a whoooole bunch of fried egg sandwiches on homemade toast--and so I made some toast and jellied it and brought the spread back to the bed. TLK had told me he wasn't hungry when I went into the kitchen, but when I arrived back with cheesy, yolky eggs, he couldn't resist. So we ate the entire plate, and then TLK said, "Want another egg? I do." And so he went into the kitchen and--for the first time in his life--made some fried eggs.

Then we stayed in bed and watched a horrible movie called The Slammin' Salmon on Comedy Central (which, consequently, had a star rating of ZERO in the guide) and, on commercials, we played Plants vs. Zombies on the iPod.

Now it's six o'clock, and we're too lazy to fix more food, so we're going out for Mexican.

This has been a good day.

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