Friday, July 16, 2010

King of the Nuggs

World, meet The Lady-Killer, who has a bad addiction to Burger King chicken nuggets, Arizona iced tea, and Monster energy drinks.

If you couldn't tell, he also likes to pose for ridiculous (read: fantastic) pictures. See?

Just the other day, on our way to the beach--you know, the time we almost died--he was craving McDonald's, so we did the drive-thru and he promptly set about eating his two McChickens and fries. TLK does not like to mix food groups. He eats all of one thing then moves on to the next thing. He started with the fries. He'd made me ask for extra ketchup--"I don't think that's enough," I had to tell the man at the drive-thru window when he dropped a few into the bag. "This guy REALLY likes his ketchup."--and he started with the fries. Instead of creating a ketchup puddle and dunking his fries into it, he opted instead to take this approach: He ripped open a tiny packet of ketchup and squeezed a gob into his mouth before jamming some fries in there.

This is also the boy who, as I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day, trudged by murmuring, "I'm fancy. I have fancy pants!"

Why? I have no idea.

So if you're wondering if I feel pretty lucky about the summer I'm having and about all the giggling I'm doing, the answer is yes.


Jason said...

You're dating Swamp Thing. Sweet!

Jess said...

It's pretty great, isn't it?