Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here in Maine, especially this kid, who, when we went to see New Moon last night, pulled a beer out from his coat pocket and cracked it just as the lights were about to dim.

My brother is so classy it's breathtaking, isn't it?


Jason said...

Your post mentions a beer. Your brother seems to be holding some sort of Canadian soda.

If you want Canadian beer, talk to these people:

Jess said...

I think it's been well documented (see below) that my brother has very poor taste in beer:

("I am now going to list my favorite light beers," my brother announces after we give our drink orders.

I stare at him. I wonder if this is what he and his girlfriend stay up late to talk about--their favorite light beer. I wonder if there are times my brother's girlfriend looks at him and thinks, I am dating the world's biggest dork.

"My favorite," my brother says, "is Miller Lite. I also like Bud Light. Blue Light is pretty great, too.")

Yes, that was from our trip to Miami last year. He is just... well, a doofy boy. He doesn't know any better. Poor kid.