Friday, August 21, 2009


A conversation with Katy:

Me: Where's Matt?

Katy: The bathroom.

Me: I swear to God, one of you is ALWAYS in the bathroom. In fact, if you guys had a sitcom, that would be the running joke every week.

Katy: And it would be funny every week. You'd see it coming, but it'll always be good.

Me: I would be the wacky neighbor.

Katy: Yes! Like Roseanne's sister! You'd be like Jackie!

Me: Ew! Gross! I would not be Roseanne's sister!

Katy: Okay... you can be the neighbor from Will and Grace.

Me: Jack? A gay man?

Katy: No! The one who shops a lot!

Me: Karen? The drunk one with big boobs?

Katy: Sure! You and the gay guy could sit around and giggle all the time.

Me: Can I just say that I find it disturbing that you know Roseanne's sister's name but you don't know any of the characters from Will and Grace?

Katy: I love Roseanne! I grew up with that show!

Me: I wasn't allowed to watch it.

Katy: Why?

Me: My parents thought it was dirty and crass.

Katy: This explains a lot about our relationship.

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Casey Sween said...

And then we ended the conversation by watching Singled Out on youtube and reminiscing about shows from the 90s.