Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Times Like These When I Really Wish I Owned Photoshop

The past few weeks have been big weeks for the Pink Torpedoes. There were two big phone calls. There were two big announcements.

Anne is getting married.

Steph is getting married.

Their boys did so well. Anne's engagement happened by a giant tree--and if there's anything Anne likes more than science, it's nature. And trees. Giant trees you hike to admire. Her boy asked her under a giant tree if she'd like to be his wife, and she said she would.

Steph's boy changed into a special shirt before he came out to ask her if she'd like to marry him, and Steph couldn't stop saying, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God." And then her parents came through the door with balloons. They'd been in on the whole thing.

Those boys did well. And now two more Pink Torpedoes are on their way to getting married, which will bring us to a total of three out of five. Amy and I are bringing up the rear, but she's close, close, close. So if you want to place bets on who'll be the last to go, the safe money is on me.

But I'm okay with that. Especially if it means that I, in my official Wedding Zeal, my official I-Wish-I-Had-a-Wedding-to-Plan effervescence, get to do things like this to test some things out, to see just how beautiful these girls--these girls who've been my friends since we were in elementary school, since we knew who was kissing whom behind the cubby-holes and who was peeing their pants on the circle at snack time--are going to look when they come down whatever type of aisle they're going to set up:

Steph might need to tan her head a bit before she takes her long march, but overall things are looking very, very bright and very, very stunning.

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Jason said...

Steph might need to tan her head a bit . . .

I don't know why that line tickles me so much, but it does. I can't stop giggling.