Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Note from the Homestretch

I've had very little to say about my students this semester. Mainly, this is because I have five classes of good kids. They aren't the brightest kids I've ever had, but they sure do amuse me. Of course, that doesn't mean they are immune from driving me crazy every now and again. Like today. Like during this conversation:

Me: Greg, what are you doing right now?

Greg: Huh?

Me: Have you filled out the revision worksheet yet?

Greg: Uh, errrr, no.

Me: Why not?

Greg: Uh, errrrr, huh?

Me: That thing I just showed you on the overhead. The revision worksheet. It is labeled PRE-REVISION QUESTIONS. We just went over it.

Greg: [Blank stare]

Me: We just went over it. I told you it was important you did that first. Did you listen to me?

Greg: No.

Me: Do you ever listen to me?

Greg: Not really, no.

Me: Well, great. That's just great. I guess I'm going to go sit down now, since you clearly have things under control on your own. Enjoy.

Greg: [As I walk away] Well, I sometimes listen to you. Sometimes!

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