Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Tell Me My Closet Is Repulsive. I Already Know.

Regular posting will resume shortly. For now, check out just how naughty and wild my kitten is.

This morning I was getting ready for work when I realized Abbey was nowhere to be found. Usually when she's nowhere to be found that means she's on the other side of the apartment, doing Rockette kicks across the kitchen table because she knows she's not supposed to be up there and she loves to prove that she can do it even if I say no! no! no!

But today she wasn't anywhere near the kitchen. She was in a whole new spot causing trouble.


She was in my closet, where she'd managed to somehow get up onto a high shelf. Once on that high shelf, she was hesitantly extending a paw at a time to see if the row of hangers was stable enough to walk across. After all, in Abbey-World, something's not worth doing unless it's dangerous and sort of stupid.

When I saw her, I started laughing. It was funny. It was ridiculous to see such a tiny kitten up that high. And when I started laughing she just looked at me and said, Mew?--all like, What? What's so funny?

So I had to bring her down and banish her from the closet, lest she try to tap dance across the very, very, very tiny space that serves as storage for my clothes.

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