Thursday, August 7, 2008

All This and a Kitten Too

Tomorrow I leave as the sun is rising so I can make it home for a Pink Torpedo party that is being held for one very specific reason: to get one of the Pink T's drunk, drunk, drunk as a skunk. Partly it's because it was her birthday this week, and partly it's because she deserves it, and partly it's because it's a good excuse to get together and stuff our faces with chicken wing dip and martinis.

After that, Saturday will be recovery. Sunday I have a family reunion. Monday I come home. With kitten in tow. That's right. Monday is the day I bring home the sure-to-be-spoiled Abbey. You can bet that I'll be documenting the whole process from the first time I put her in her posh carrier to the moment I bring her in the door and show her her new home.



Jason said...

Counter says 65 days. You have a long weekend planned?


Diana said...


Jess said...

This counter has been more trouble than it's worth. A-hole thing. It was sort of right before I left Maine, so who knows what the hell it's doing now. LAME! I will delete!