Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chief Pinski Is SO Calling Shotgun

Sometimes I really love students. Today I love one of my students for a revision he made in his argument paper.

In his original essay, this student--a snarky, sly, wise-crackin' guy who always, always, always showed up and did his work to the best of his ability--wrote the following sentence:

Police officers have two-way radios in their vehicles along with firefighters.

The first time I read that, I pictured a cop cracking open a box of donuts to share with a firefighter who was dressed in full gear and riding shotgun. It seemed downright cozy in that squad car. And it made me want a donut.

I scrawled the following words over that sentence: Policemen have firefighters in their cars? Please be conscious of your writing. Your intended meaning has been altered because of your wording.

Well, today I got this student's portfolio, which is supposed to showcase revised essays, and I scanned to see if he'd fixed that sentence. And he had. Just not all the way.

Police officers, he wrote, have two-way radios in their vehicles along with firefighters in their fire trucks.

Lucky policemen. They get two sweet rides, not to mention firemen who are always at their disposal.

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