Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Did on My Thanksgiving Vacation

The year I went away to grad school in Minnesota, my best New York girls decided to strike up a tradition. They attended their very first World's Largest Disco--a giant disco dance thrown at the convention center in downtown Buffalo. Last year was the first year I was home for the post-Thanksgiving party, and I willingly signed my name to the tradition as well. This year was my friends' third spin (my second) around the dance floor as verifiable disco diavs, but it was impressive for reasons beyond that.

This year we opened up the tradition to more than just the usual group of girls. This year we invited boys.

And let me just say this about the show the boys put on at the disco: it was amazing. Not only did they humor us by showing up, but they continued to humor us by searching out, procuring, and wearing the most hideous 70's outfits known to man. Seeing them dolled up was so completely worth it. And, really, I think they might have outdone us girls. They seemed so much more authentic. They all looked vaguely creepy, sort of like washed-up porn stars who were crossing their fingers and hoping to be invited back to the Playboy mansion.

If you ask me, they more than deserve to be invited back to the Playboy mansion. I'd welcome them into the grotto in a hot, hot second.

Disco Mosaic

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Diana said...

I love your red dress and crazy boots!